Every Building Has a Story

At Corbel it's our purpose and passion to ensure this story is upheld

As experts in historic building conservation we project manage conservation and restoration work for you on churches, historic houses and ancient monuments. You can feel confident in what we provide. Consequently we work in close partnership with many leading heritage specifiers.


But the unique thing is the way we work. We want to be the best people to work with and so go out of our way to be collaborative with the whole project team. Client, designers, engineers, archaeologists, ecologists, historians, to achieve a mutually beneficial outcome.


We seek to genuinely work openly with you, moving away from the conventional adversarial customer/contractor relationship. Rarely do historic buildings have the budget they need. This approach maximises that available budget and ensures it is spent in the right place.


We look after buildings and people if we possibly can and love it that people highly recommend us to work with. They say “it’s refreshing” and “a pleasure”.


Using our specialist knowledge of historic buildings, we work closely with you and the broader project team, to build a depth of knowledge and experience that facilitates the correct approach, choices and minimises any risk of loss by lack of appreciation.


We aim to make your role within the management of historic building contracts, straight-forward and hassle-free.


We are happy to assist you, from provisional design-stage through to project completion, combining your knowledge with our skills, to arrive at the most appropriate and cost effective solutions.