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Contemporary Architecture | Traditional Craftsmanship

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From humble houses to country estates, we turn your ideas into a reality.

With our diverse range of skills, we take on sympathetic repairs through to wholescale building your grand design.


Our approach is all about truly working together with you, to create and build your ambitions.


Being the best people you could work with is our aim, so you’re the centre of all we do.


We work closely with you and the wider project team*, to guarantee the best possible design is arrived at.

There’s a genuine openness with you, leaving far behind what can often be an adversarial relationship.


Rarely do buildings have all the budget they need. Our unique approach, knowledge and skill ensures you maximise that and ensure it’s focussed where it counts. This combined with a willingness to help resolve challenges, quicker decisions, fewer delays and lower costs are the results throughout all stages of the project.


Our collaborative approach and our ability to build a team relationship from the outset, is key to the success of your project. We get regular feedback telling us our way of working is “refreshing” and “a pleasure” which is rewarding to customers and designers alike.


Our tried and tested communication system gives you great peace of mind and ensures you are always involved and in the know. 


​(*Client, designer, archaeologist, quantity surveyor, structural engineer, ecologist, etc)



Work on your building demands a careful balance of specialist knowledge, craftsmanship and commercial sense. That's exactly what we bring to every project.


Our award winning team provide you with the best advice, levels of insight and guidance. Regularly working with leading heritage specifier’s on some of the most architecturally significant buildings in the UK:

What does that mean to you?

  • You access our specialist knowledge of how to repair and adapt a building in the most cost effective manner, with minimal intervention always at the forefront of our intention.

  • The correct approach is taken and the right choices are made.

  • When you review progress; you see largely what you were expecting and you come to realise you can leave us confidently, knowing the right thing will be done.

  • Reassuring confidence in what we provide and more importantly we know when to stop, if something unexpected is found.

  • We help you interpret the history of your building.

  • We help you maximise your budget to benefit the building; to ensure it functions in the right way for you and is maintained in a sustainable way for years to come.

  • You are rewarded with stunning results and a space that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional to modern day living.


You have:

  •  Access to the skills of top-notch craftsmen and women, learned hands-on over many years.  

  • Genuine care on site and personal visits from our senior team.

  • Hand picked project team to ensure you have exactly the right blend of skills.

  • Dedicated project manager.

  • Proven delivery to you time and again. 


Continuous training and apprenticeships:

Traditional skills are in decline and they need nurturing. We actively take on and encourage apprentices. We coach people in new skills and everyone has a development plan. We help staff gain qualifications and learn on site alongside qualified and experienced trades people, whilst supporting their college based or on-line training.


Skill picture.jpg




Scale in the building industry is important. Although our staple is larger projects, we strike a balance that allows us to be nimble enough to take on smaller scale work and yet our size brings the financial stability and a range of skills that is demanded by larger projects.


Typically we are running 3-4 large projects at any one time with a maximum contract value to several million pounds. These larger projects are underpinned by a handful of smaller works which provide us with flexibility and safety for our staff and supply chain.


Small firms sometimes have difficulty financing projects. Our size and careful financial control removes this risk.




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