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Halswell Rotunda 

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Project Details

Halswell Rotunda is a folly within the Halswell Park Estate, in the Quantock Hills. 

The Rotunda had been in a shocking state for a number of decades prior to its restoration. It was surrounded by rusting scaffold and within a clump of vegetation that hid it away.

A light touch approach was adopted to the masonry.

A new domed roof was created however. Originally it was thought to be stone originally, but there was no evidence of it and curved timbers were found on the estate, which when put together indicated a timber dome of exactly the right proportions.

A timber dome using specially sourced curved timbers was created, covered by timber and sanded to created a neat dome. That was covered  in lead, lathed and plastered in a neat dome internally.

The chamber beneath was opened up and ironwork for safety added around the entrance.


The Rotunda was opened officially by cutting a ribbon on the owners 50th birthday. A big celebration and a fantastic statement.

Contract Period: 6 months

Contract Value: £

Contract Admin: Private client  / Architectural Thread

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