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Horton Court

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Project Details

Grade 1 listed, Horton Court is situated just outside Chipping Sodbury within the Cotswolds. Dating back to Norman times the house has seen approximately three phases of alteration throughout its history. In 1946 the house and grounds were bequeathed to the National Trust by its then occupier, and the Trust has remained custodian ever since. Horton had lain dormant and unoccupied for several decades until a scheme of repair and alteration was devised by the Trust in conjunction with Architecton of Bristol. Corbel was appointed in November 2016 to carry out the extensive refurbishment, alteration and repair with the intention to open up and bring more light into a very dark, uninviting building. Modern partitions were removed to open up rooms and passageways. Thousands of metres of modern paint were removed from the lime plaster using ThermaVac techniques, to allow the walls to breath once more. A major replacement and overhaul has been carried out to the mechanical and electrical installation to bring it in line with current regulations. The building will be finished to a high specification with new fixtures and fittings added throughout. Other buildings have undergone repair during the scheme, including the old stable block, implement shed and ambulatory. Once the works are complete, the intention is for the building and grounds to remain in Trust ownership. The Norman Hall will be open to the public during certain days of the week, with the remainder of the property returning to a family home.

Contract Period: 12 months

Contract Value: £1.85M

Contract Admin: Architecton

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