Country House

We are the designers, we cost it , apply for approval and build it.  

        Less cost.   Better results.   Quicker.   More control.

  • Less cost (Ave 6%): Shared information, earlier. Tradespeople are involved in design. Costs are known earlier, i.e. when decisions are fixed.

You encounter less pitfalls, blind alleys, hidden variations, negotiations and re-costing.

  • Design to completion, the responsibility is ours, that's smoother & less hassle. 


  • Better: Managed, cohesive results. Streamlined, involving you. Skill and knowledge mean practical, beautiful results; delightful to use.

  • Quicker (ave 33%) - costing, quoting, lines of communication, waiting to start, dealing with variations & re-costing.


  • You're in control: We listen. We give clear & detailed costs, updated frequently. 



What else is better using us?  - Hover over this to expand.


  • Understand: We research and explain the history of your building & what features are important, enabling the most sympathetic change.

  • We do paperwork: Planning & listed building approvals. Communicate at right times, trusted to do the right thing. Without that months can be lost.


  • Good advice: We max your budget, helping you make sure it's spent in the right place, not wasted on the unnecessary, or doing the wrong thing. 


  • Lower running cost & future proof: Experts in best solutions for old buildings. Sustainable and green - less embodied energy & consumption.



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