Discuss ideas

Initial Meeting:

Meet you; ideally at the project location, or online.

Explore ideas with you collaboratively to clearly understand your intentions.

Provide an initial assessment of the building’s qualities and potential.


Meet you ideally at the project location, or online.

Explore the ideas with you collaboratively. Very clearly understanding your intentions and analyse the building’s qualities.

We offer initial feasibility advice and give you options with appraisal.

We achieve the highest quality design for the available budget.

If you proceed with Corbel then any cost of this is reimbursed.

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Develop the way forward

Understanding YOUR wishes.

Were good at  developing ideas, but this is a two-way process and the ideas always benefit from your input and being fully challenged. We love that!  With a thorough understanding of your needs and aspirations we can create a set of core design objectives.


Understanding the Building

Old buildings have quirks and idiosyncrasies. Using techniques such as measured surveys, condition surveys & off site research, we gain a full appreciation of your building - helping marry it with your wishes.

Only by making a full analysis of the building; it’s history, qualities, context, and construction, set alongside your intentions can a truly successful project be achieved.


The combined skills of our RIBA registered architect, who is also AABC accredited in building conservation, working alongside experienced craftspeople, gives us a rare ability at early stages to establish the most sympathetic and appropriate approach to repairs and alterations.

Concept Design

With a thorough understanding of your requirements  and the building's needs we can develop a clear concept design.


Using a combination of drawings and working scale models we create a design you’re happy with.


A budget and programme is agreed with you.


The available budget is put to work in the best way, ensuring you maintain the most valuable parts of the building and the core design objectives.

Our advantage is being able to accurately  budget at this early stage so that you can be more confident of what is possible.

Blue Print


Many years negotiating and working with local authorities & Historic England has helped gain, often difficult, planning and listed building consents.


Pre-planning application meetings with planning officers is recommended. This early discussion, speaking their language and knowing their priorities, smooths the process.


With greater confidence we can  develop and submit all documentation, including drawings, design and access statements, and heritage impact assessments as necessary for Planning and Listed Building applications. 

Technical Design

A full set of technical drawings, including material specifications, are produced to make sure the build is what you imagine. Our site construction team will be involved throughout this stage to ensure the practicality of the design, and help smooth operations on site. All the little details are finalised and will be agreed with you.


A schedule of works defines and costs each component of the build,  so it is absolutely clear. We make sure you agree with all that.


Sustainability and reducing carbon emissions is very important to us. Sympathetically achieving this with historic buildings can be challenging. We weigh up the pros and cons of alternative solutions to achieve the best results for the budget and environment.


The costs will be updated to ensure all your choices for individual elements of the design are included.

Before starting on site, and on your behalf, we submit and agree Building Control Consents to ensure the technical details meet regulations.

Construction workers on work site


As experts in historic building conservation our in-house architect, contracts and site management team and skilled heritage crafts-people, manage each project thoroughly for you.


You will be given accurate costs so that you can be confident the scope of work meets the available budget. However, if you want or need changes during the construction process we provide an open and transparent approach to the costs and will work with you to achieve the best solutions with your available budget.


We care about everything on the project. We ensure people doing each job are fully experienced or have excellent training and supervision. We have a system of checks in place and work very hard to make sure everything’s right and to your satisfaction.

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After Care

At handover we provide all the information you need to use the building.


Buildings do take time to settle down after works. We will be there should making good be needed.