Thank you very much indeed for the painstaking and loving care that you gave the unspoiled interior of the Xlc Church of St Petrock. I was approached by the Churches Conservation Trust in February this year and asked if i would like to organise an event at St Petrocks to celebrate the repairs that were in hand. However as the months sped by and we reached June I was becoming concerned as to whether the interior would be suitable in time for July. I was not to be disappointed as one Monday morning close to the event I walked into the church and my breath was taken away. The church had been transformed back into a place of worship and especially to the forefront was the evocative scent of waxed pews! This was followed by the joy of seeing so much attention to detail being taken over the smallest things including a very high standard of heritage restoration. My sincerest thanks for working a miracle inside St Petrock. 


Atisha McGregor Auld