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Project Black Jack

BBC Points West report on the work at St John the Baptist Church in Cirencester. Corbel assisted with preparing for the instillation of the statues

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Arthur Interview 2

Site Manager Arthur gives further insight into the Curzon Cinema roof repairs and how his career so far.

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Chris Foster - Operations Director for Corbel Conservation discusses the work carried out at Winterbourne Medieval Barn .


Decorative Timber 

Published in the Building Conservation Directory 2021 –

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Adam Interview

Adam explains what lead him to become an apprentice carpenter and his favourite parts of working on the Curzon Cinema.

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Iford Manor

A fascinating video about the process of stabilising the cloisters that were first built in 1914 that Corbel completed in 2020


The Collar Factory

News article about the restoration plans for the historic former collar factory in Taunton town centre

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Paige Interview

Paige talks about what becoming an apprentice carpenter and what she has learned whilst working at the Curzon Cinema.


Castle House

News article about Castle House, a grade || listed building in Bridgwater. Corbel restored the building after fire damage. 

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Arthur Interview 1

Site Manager Arthur talks about the Curzon Cinema roof repairs with a guest appearance from Wallace & Gromit! 


Curzon Cinema

A short video showing the process of the work carried out by Corbel on the Curzon Cinema in Clevedon

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