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Pottery Studio - Feasibility Study 

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Development Model

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Proposed Plan

Development Model


The client, a keen and accomplished potter, wished to develop a Pottery Studio in her garden that could be used for personal use and also provide space for teaching local community pottery groups.


Situated in a Conservation Area on very steep land behind her cottage, the design has been developed to hug the hillside contours, open up to south and westerly views through trees and make the studio as discrete as possible.


The studio walls are constructed predominantly from the mellow local stone and site mixed earth to create an organic low embodied energy 'cob' structure. To try and achieve good insulation, Cobauge, an Anglo-French product that is being developed using earth and natural fibres, such as hemp, is being considered.


The model has been a key tool in helping develop the design, understand the topography and explain the scheme to the client and others.

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