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Tim Hayes
Head Carpenter & Site Manager - Somerset & Devon


Tim started his carpentry career at the age of 16 in a joinery shop where he completed his NVQ in carpentry and joinery and learned a wide variety of skills from manufacturing to fitting the items out on site. It was here that he was taught that quality comes first which is a mantra Tim has carried with him throughout his career.


After spending 11+ years working on the manufacturing process, honing his skills to produce the highest standard of carpentry he transitioned to working on site. Tims speciality is in curved/technically challenging joinery so he relished the new opportunity to put his skills to the test.


Before joining Corbel in 2018 Tim had worked on several period properties which inspired his move to conservation.


‘The phrase “minimal intervention” and “making new fit old” has helped me make the change from previous jobs were the spec is to rip out and replace to now delicately conserve and splice in repairs is a true honour where these buildings need to be preserved. What I enjoy most about heritage is you just don’t know what you’re going to find. It helps me and my team to stay sharp and gives us a challenge to rise to.’

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